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Ayurvedic treatment

Not feeling great today

But a ray of hope is seen not sure if it come true but will give a try for sure.

Spoke to one of the Ayurvedic clinic at Ahmadabad India today ,I am visiting this month end to Ahmadabad hence wanted to check there only,Luckily spoke to doctor directly,after hearing me, he shared some proof ,where he was able to cure Crohn.I know there is no cure and only remission can be achieved but I am inclined to try it out,Does any one has tried Ayurvedic treatment and got success. ?

My symptom are constant feeling of some discomfort and heaviness on right side of abdomen, morning stool is normal(not solid round) infact semi solid :) ,but in evening it is liquid and I go for 3-4 time a day-Does any one having same symptom?
Today first time i saw blood in stool it was so so scary....looks like i am getting into depression
Andrographis Paniculata is an Ayurveydic Indian bitter and has shown to be comparable to Mesalazine in some limited clinical trials for treating UC.

(usually taken with Siberian Ginseng to enhance its effectiveness)

It's not without merit.

We also know Curcumin shows promise as an anti inflammatory.

I've also heard good things about Terminalia Chebula Hiritaki (found in a supplement called Triphala) another bitter.
Thanks I will visit with the hospital and will see what he advise..currently my concern is blood in stool..it making me very scared.

I am new to this so will sound like a dumb person for some time till i figure out life with Crohn
Thanks I will visit with the hospital and will see what he advise..currently my concern is blood in stool..it making me very scared.

I am new to this so will sound like a dumb person for some time till i figure out life with Crohn
Wishing you the best! You do not sound dumb! You are taking great steps in figuring life out with Crohn's and will realize soon that you can and will have a normal life.

Best of Luck
Thanks Ian...hope I learn faster :)
im thinking of meeting an ayurvedic doctor too.. I was suspected that i have crohns.. but no symptoms.. and i have a peri-anal fistula.. Doctor's advice is to do surgery.. and i had read stories like once you start surgery, its like you may need to do it again. there is no gurantee on it.. i feel like i have quite some time to experience with ayurvedic stuff.. personally i dont believe in ayurvedic treatments.. But im thinking of giving it a try assuming they wont have side effects.. Im in chennai, india.. have you met any? how did it go? update?
Hi Shankar

NO I have not met yet but taken appoint for Feb 1st week at Ahmadabad,as there is no permanent cure in Allopathy it is woth trying in Ayurvedic specially when hospital says they have history of curing it.

Will keep finger cross and visit hospital with hope.
Hi All,

i have been identified with Crohn's in 2011-Oct.
Am now 27 years-male. I am living in india only.And have homely foods.
Its the first time me and my family hearing about this disease.
Initialy i was anemic and was very tired always and started loosing weight.
Consulting a local doctor, taking iron tablets did not do much cure.
Later i consulted a Gastro enterologist and identified the disease. But one thing is i donot have severe pain in abdomen. All other symtoms i have like diorehea, fistula, anemic, vominting etc.
Then i started taking medicines and i gained my weight.
I was given some steroids and inflamation healing tabltes and vitamin tablets.
I am not good at taking medicines regularly.I am running a shop in the town.
When i feel like am ok, feeling good and gaining more weight i will stop medicines.
Also am worried about the side effects of taking medicines and steroids.
For the last 6 months i was not taking any medicines and was ok.
Now now again i started loosing weight and have naussea.
Again i went to doctor and now am taking tablets. I also heard that the disease will be in remission after the age of 30. Is that true?

Now am 27 years and started thinking about a family.
My family and i have a great concern about my disease .
Can i lead a normal life. Can i have kids(Hope the medicines do not have the side effects).
I will be into an arranged marriage. So should i speak about this disease to the girl and her family in the beginning itself? My family had a concern that if we spoke about it, even the disease can be maintained, or in remission
the girls family will not agree for a diseased son-in-law. Or after fixing everything, we can raise the concern of having this disease at last and thay can decide on to continue with the proposal.
Or is it ok not to tell them about this?

Need some opinion from out of family.?
Please help.
Hi Vinu

Nice to hear from you at the same time not so happy that you are also going through with all these at pick of your age.

I am 40 year and recently diagnosis as Crohn,My symptom also seems to be not worse yet,just feeling constant heaviness on right side of abdomen and diarrhea.Observed blood 1-2 time recently.

By going through threads I think starting family should not be an issue however whether to keep your disease secret or not has to be decided by your family only.I dont think you will get an advise on that here.

All the best :)
Thanks I will visit with the hospital and will see what he advise..currently my concern is blood in stool..it making me very scared.

I am new to this so will sound like a dumb person for some time till i figure out life with Crohn
The first few times I saw blood I thought oh no cancer but it was part of the Crohns. Sending you support.
Hi Vinu, to answer some of your questions:

You should be able to lead a normal life, if you continue to take your medicines.
Children are definitely possible, it is the woman who will have more problems if pregnant with the disease. Medicines can affect the unborn baby
Your disease will not suddenly go in to remission at age 30, you will have this for the rest of your life
I am not sure how arranged marriages work, but I do know that divorce is not an option in your culture. So I will say you will have to be up front with your future wife and her parents. This is something that can pop up again at any point in your life. You will likely have to take medicine for the rest of your life, so I would suggest to not hide it or lie about it
Dear All,

Thank you very much for your suggestions. Its good to know that many are there to support while my relatives are looking at me with a life long disease boy!!!
Thank you all...
Hi Sunit or Vinu any luck with ayurvedic treatment. I am really looking for some alternative treatments as I have aggressive crohns