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Aza & Allergies

Hey all!

I've noticed that since I've been on azathioprine my allergies don't appear to be troubling me as much as usual. I'm normally a snivelling wreck by this time of year with hay fever, and I managed to clip my horses heavy winter coat off last week without even a sneeze! I've even got a bit lax about taking my antihistamine and haven't noticed any increase in symptoms as a result.

Although my allergy to horses has lessened slightly over the years, the first time I sat on one I came out in hives! Even these days I can easily have streaming eyes, nose, and a terrible stuffed up head if I'm around them for too long.

This is very welcome whatever the cause! The hospital did tell me aza should help with my rosacea so I wondered if the same could be true of allergies with them being an immune response and all!?
Doesn't seem to have helped my hay fever.

I asked my doctor this specifically when I started Aza, and he said unfortunately it's a different part of the immune system.