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Azaithprine long term

Hi everybody. I hope you’re all well.

regarding azathioprine and the length of time to be on the medication

a little back ground. I was diagnosed with crohns when I was 12. I was on and off prednisone for 4-6 years. When I was 18 I had an operation and had part of my small intestines removed. I was then put on azathioprine. I’ve been on azathioprine for now 15 years. More I read about the medication the more I’m getting concerned over the length of time I’ve been on this medication. I would say my crohns has been in remission for a good 10 years. I may have the odd week where things aren’t perfect but tidying up my
Diet and been careful what I eat I’m back to my so called normal.. or what is with crohns call normal. I’m curious why I haven’t had my medication removed since been in remission for so long..I also take mezavant xl. Any comments and people been in a similar situation or views on the matter? Tia
I have only been on azathioprine a few months. But to answer why the doctors don’t remove the medication even when you are in remission. Once the doctors find a medication that works for you they usually keep you on it until it does not work anymore. 1 because it is keeping you in remission. 2 there are not a lot of medications to treat crohn’s and some patients have to keep switching medications until 1 hopefully works.
I have been on azathioprine for about 7 years now, and only got to remission whilst on it. But he is now asking questions about taking me off of it as its been so long. I don't mind lowering at most. But it scares me I will be taken off, go active and it won't work for me if I go back on it. So I will be fighting him on it.
I did have a skin cancer scare and was told he will only change meds or take me off if it's definitely cancer. So I'm a little confused how they stand tbh.
If they aren't stopping it, and it works for you.. Great!