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Azathioprine and anti-inflammatory herbs and supplements interaction.

Hi, i have been on azathioprine (Azamun in my country), for over 10 years for my Crohns.
I'm having a hard time finding out what to look for in supplements for a potential interaction with aza.

It seems that Eqhinacea is one to avoid, but I'm not sure.
Are there any people on this forum using for example :

Black seed oil (Nigella Sativa)

Am I being too paranoid or should I just try them and see what happens?

I really appreciate any insight on this.
Thank you.
I’d never heard of Azathioprine interacting with any herbs or supplements. The only one I can think of is St John’s Wort, but I believe that’s can interfere with most medications? I’ve just found the below after a quick google and I can see the logic in it:

“The immunosuppressant medicament azathioprine is known to interact with certain herbal products and minerals and, hence, they should not be used concurrently.

A number of patients use the herb Echinacea with a view to perk up their immune system. However, it is unfortunate to note that using the herb Echinacea is not advisable for people having impaired immune systems. In effect, this herb has the aptitude to further weaken the immune system if it is used very frequently and also for a prolonged period of time.”

Source - https://www.herbs2000.com/medica/azathioprine.htm

Ok, not a medical journal but interesting non the less! ;-)

Based on that I’m not sure...once every now and again when you’ve got a virus or something sounds like it wouldn’t do much harm, but I suppose the question is would it help?

Looking forward to seeing some other responses, I think this is quite an interesting topic :)