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Azathioprine Anxiety

I am starting Imuran tomorrow and was just wondering if I should expect anything after taking it. My doctor told me that it will take about 2 months to start taking effect. I read through the side effects list for the third or fourth time and I just don't know what to expect . Any advice?
Hi Chelsey!

I have been on Imuran for a few months now. I did not notice a big change right away, but it did casue me to have joint pain. I have a bad knee from a car accident years ago that has a lot of scar tissue left in it, so the Iumran casued it to start hurting again. But it does not seem to bother me as much any more. That was the only side effect I got from taking it. Hope it works for you!

They are starting me on 150 mg once a day and cimzia next week. I guess I just wonder if the Imuran takes 3 mos to work approx. and I'm also on cimzia how will I know if it's helping while on another drug?
I am on the Humira Imuran combo. I think that the Imuran works with your injections even if it is humira or cimzia. Yes, you are right in that it will take a few months before you feel the full effect.


Hello Chelsey,

The first time I was on the Aza I was fine for months and monts on it, they did have to increase my dose up 200mg and that meant for the first 3 months I was on weekly blood tests, then two weekly, then monthly, then 3 monthly. Has this part been explained to you with regard to the regular blood monitoring? It did eventually cause an issue with one of my counts so it had to be stopped which was a shame as it really sorted the tum out. I am now on the sister drug to it - 6mp - and have been for about 6 months now and doing really well.

Hopefully this along with the Cimzia will be able to sort things for you too.

Nausea and fatigue can be pretty bad in the first month (or more) with Imuran. A lot of people take Imuran at night to combat the nausea. I had trouble with pancreatitis and had to stop taking it at 7 weeks, but I had started to see improvement by week 4 or 5.
I am nervous because I have had severe pancreatitis before with pentasa. My doctor said that shouldn't have anythig to do with me possibly getting it w Imuran. Yes I know I am going to do the 2 week 4 week 6 week then once a month blood tests. My doctors are going to keep a close eye on the blood tests. Hopefully the cimzia works out humira failed ;( I start cimzia next week.thanks for your support everyone!