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Azathioprine dropped because of safety concerns?

Hi everyone,

Can anyone tell me which hospitals/centres NO longer use Azathioprine because of the risk of Hepatosplenic T-cell lymphoma (HSTCL)?

Our 10 year old son is supposed to start Aza soon but we are concerned about the safety profile, especially when Methomethotrexate is another option. We would love to know which institutions have dropped Aza therapy completely.

Many Thanks,

my little penguin

Staff member
T cell lymphoma is a risk when combined imuran(aza) or 6-mp with a anti tnf biologic
Not by itself
By itself the risk of lymphoma is higher
You might have better response on the parents of kids with IBD page .

if you don’t want aza
You can ask for methotrexate
But be aware mtx has the side effect of flu like symptoms.
Nausea fatigue muscle aches headaches etc..
When taken as a monotherapy it is given as a shot which for some has worse symptoms .

my kiddo was dx at age 7
Started 6-mp not long afterwards.
It made his liver enzymes go through the roof
Our past ped Gi tries to not use aza anymore and uses mtx instead when he can

my kiddo is now 20 -sees adult Gi
On Stelara /mtx for his crohns /jia