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Azathioprine - Itching all over!

hi ive been on Aza for like 6 months now and haven't had any problems, but for the last few days ive been itchy all over. When i itch, there isn't a rash really that appears but instead my skin hmm.. looks like.. a bit raised, so a bit swollen for like 30 mins, and then it goes again. But it looks pretty bad how it was earlier, when my whole arm looked like it was swollen cos i had been itching it so much.

This might not be the aza.. but its the only thing i can think of . im also n pentasa and iron tablets at the moment. Anyone help!?

or could annyone suggest what i do next.. or should i just leave it like i have been doing. :eek:

~Blue :confused:
Hello Blue
Not sure if it is directly related to the meds but itchiness is a symptom of Crohns.
Have you started using any different soaps, washing powders, access to pets?
If it gets too bad, it is worth mentioning it to your doctor as they may be able to give you something to help.
Nice to see someone from my hometown.
Take care 😎
and nop i haven't used anything new / nothing has changed :3 and yeh, i think i will tell doc next time i see him xd
I think you should get checked out, too. Itching can be a symptom of liver issues which are possible with Aza. It may be nothing, but you don't want to leave something like that to 'see what happens'.
Rather a little bit of inconvenience than a lot of regret!
mostly my arms/shoulders and my legs :3 if it still isn't better when im sleeping i will call doctors tomorrow, had a bad night last night as i kept on waking up to itch >.< lol

thanks for the advice :)
oh, and i thought of a great comparison to what it looks like - its got the same appearance as being stung by a stinging nettle :3
Hi Blue
Totally agree with Nitty, Kevin & David - they know their stuff - so worth getting checked out.
Now I think about it, I had to stop taking Aza due to liver problems and my itchiness was worse around that time and for a few weeks after stopping.
Hope you get to see your doctor and get it checked out. :hug: