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Azathioprine with Allopurinol


I haven’t been on here for years and it is great to still see this site up and running.

Today I have been told my crohns is active again but my new consultant want to try this combined drugs. I’ve had aza before and was quite ill. Just wondering if anyone has tried this combination

my little penguin

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Ds was 7 when he was placed on 6-mp sister drug of aza .
It caused his liver enzymes to rise each time they got close to therapeutic doses .
So his Gi suggested allopurinol .
The 6-mp dose was drastically reduced when added to the allopurinol.
Allopurinol shunts the 6-mp away from the liver if I remember right (it’s been 10 years )
Even with the allopurinol the drug still caused his liver enzymes to rise any time the 6-mp built up even close to therapeutic levels .
So doc switched him to mtx instead
Which also didn’t work enough (vasculitus)
This lead to biologics (remicade ) at the ripe old age of 8

at the time very scary for a parent
Now at almost 10 years later Ds loves biologics - he is on Stelara plus mtx currently for the past 3 years.

good luck hope the aza helps
If not remember there are other options
All new options are scary until they actual work for you