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B-12 Injecions?

Hey everyone,
Just getting over my first moderate to severe flare. I am on Asacol, Aza, Pred, and had my first Remicade infusion a week and a half ago. So I'm still loading. I am feeling better but my energy level sucks. I wake, go to work, and crash when I get home. I was in the hospital for 11 days total this month and have only been out a week so I know it's early in the game.

I see that many Crohnies get B12 injections for energy because we can't absorb B vitamins. Does your GI doc prescribe or regular doc? Did you have a blood test done? Any feedback will help, thanks.


INB4David lol

Seriously though, He will see this and be able to help you. I'm not much help with B12 but David is pretty much a genious when it comes to stuff like this
My GI tested my blood and I was deficient in B12. They don't do injections at my GI's office so I go to my family doctor once a month and have them given. I have only had 2 injections so far, but I haven't really felt a difference in my energy levels. I'm still tired a lot, but do t feel like I need to sleep in the middle of the day so much anymore.
Thanks Sbailey. I am only 30 and was used to going to work, going to gym, out with friends, ect in a day. This is not the lifestyle I want to have all the time. I feel a little useless. Once agian, I'm telling myself it's early but I have to be able to get more done on a daily basis.
I just turned 30 myself, and have a 3 year old at home. Some days I have to just come home from work and crash for the rest of the night. I don't have a desire lately to do anything but come home and lounge. I miss having the energy to just get myself to the grocery store!


Hi Brian, a blood test confirmed I was B12 deficient and I am on 3 monthly jabs through my GP. B12 is absorbed towards the end of the small bowel which is where a lot of my problems lie hence the deficiancy. I find that the jabs do help and it's only due to the 2am trips to the loo this week that I am feeling pretty sluggish.