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Back from vacation

Ugh, my stupid stomach was stupid all of Thanksgiving vacation. The nausea was terrible and the pain sucked. Then last night, our last day, I got a bad case of the cramps. At three am it woke me up and I was up the rest of the night crapping out my insides. :(
I can only compare this pooping to the pooping done when I had to prep for the colonoscopy. I bet a lot of you can understand how bad that is. Except the colonoscopy prep was better because there were no cramps!

Any of you get really bad episodes like that? The nasty part was that it was just liquid and undigested food. I know....nasty. Today I had terrible gas the six hour drive home and finally when we got home I had to poop and it was black with mucus. Blarg.

Good thing I have a GI appointment on Friday.
Hi I hope that you do start to feel better.....Instead of the liquid diet try some other softer foods. But not high in fiber. When I am having bad days like that I try to avoid doing a complete liquid diet. (unless I am in the hospital and doctor puts me on it) I do not ever feel hunger but I get really weak and dizzy. Liuid diets make me feel like I am going to pass out. When I do go back to regular foods I am in more pain and going to the bathroom more also. I usually eat simple foods porportionalty sized.
Something that I usually make is taking a thin chicken cutlet (plain)....putting a little water in a pan on med heat and steaming the chicken. And then for the side I will eat the inside of a baked potato plain.
Just my opinion but sometimes I think doing a liquid diet puts me in more pain when I am ready to go back to regular foods.