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Back on Pred

It took me 5 months to taper off the prednisolone. I was off for 3 weeks, then wham, pain and more pain...ultrasound showed an inflamed ileum. Now I'm back on 30mg...5 days later, ultrasound shows distension but no inflammation. Good news. Bad news...Looks like 3-4 months of tapering....just after I've finally lost all the pred weight. FML!



Took me a YEAR to taper off 40 mg. 3 months off. Back on.

Hang in there! We've all done the Prednisone tango!

- Amy
I was on Prednisone for eight years, from 1998 until surgery in 2006. I will NEVER go back on that medication again on a regular basis. It really made a mess of my bone density and I feel the effects frequently. If I had known, I would have done the surgery back in 1998 and skipped the horrible side-effects.
I have no medication at all since the surgery and to be honest, I will choose surgery again over any long-term medication. Have you tried Remicade as an alternative to Prednisone?
You really should consider surgery if you consistently need to stay on Prednisone. The Osteoporosis isn't worth it.
Girl I feel your pain. I am currently tappering off of 60mg of prednisone and I only have 2 more days left...to top that off when I was on the hospital for an intestinal pockst and partial blockage a few weeks ago, my GI doc decided he was going out of the counrty so he sent another doc in for him. Well my body weight when I was in was 103lbs. He started me on 80mgs of Solu-Medrol. I didnt know this at this time but my body weigh can only handle 40 mgs of Solu-Medrol.No wonder I was wanting to eat the bedsheets...:) But i gained 20lbs just off of that mess and my GI doc says its not water its all fat...and its mostly in my face. How in the world tdo you lose weight off your face? Any ideas?

Teresa T