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Back pain

Hi All

So a couple of months ago I had what I would class as my first proper 'flare' in about a year - It lasted about 3 weeks (I had had a few minor problems during that year but nothing major - seemed like th meds were working). During this recent 'flare' I started getting really bad lower back pain - it felt like someone was pushing down on my hips and lower spine. I had a check up with my consultant and he sent me for an xray. I am due to get the results on the 1st November although I doubt it will show anything as I had no pain at all on the day the xray was done.

In the last 2 weeks I have been flaring constantly again. During these 2 weeks I have had really bad back pain again but it is slightly higher this time - starts in the middle of my back and works its way round to the front under my ribs. The only way I can describe it is that it feels like someone has me in a very tight 'bear hug'. I cant get comfortable at all and constantly feel the need to stretch out my back. Heat makes it a little easier to cope with. The pain is worse at night and almost has me in tears. I also have pain in my lower abdomen and I keep getting a sharp pain in my right hip.

Anyway my question is - has anyone had back/hip pain like this before? And if so was it Crohn's related? Im so confused about everything and never know whether to put things down to my Crohn's or whether it is something completely unrelated!!

Thanks everyone

Call your Dr. right away...It sounds eerily familiar to the pain I had when I had pancreatitis caused by azathioprine. It may not be that, but better to be safe than sorry!!
Yes, the exact back pain you mention has been part of my own Crohns flare. Its part of the inflammation I have been told. Also, I am prone to UTI's with my flares so it could be that as well? But yeah the back pain is definitely a pretty common symptom of a flare. Just be careful if it gets worse... I am so sorry you have to go through it, I know its the WORST.
Yes, i have the same pain in my ribs and back. I was diagnosed with reactive arthritis causing ankylosing spondylitis which is a inflammation in the back ribs and SI joints causing fusing. it's all the fun that comes with inflammation. Talk to your GI or gp and ask about seeing a rheumatologist.
yes I had pain in my mid / upper back when I was at my worst and when I went to A&E the doc told me 'thats unusual and doesn't have anything to do with IBD' he was talking crap, i'm a physio and have a good back so it was totally related to the crohn's as it wasn't 'normal' back pain. It's can be due to a combination of things, spinal pain and stiffness can unfortunately be part of crohn's and the medication that we take, it can also be referred pain from the abdomen and it's also related to posture if your guarding your stomach and slightly stooped. The best advice is keep active, stretch and get some physio. It will settle as you get better.


Hi vickie

My lower back and hip pain was excrutiating and was caused by a blockage, so if you start vomiting, straight to A&E asap!
hope you're ok
Could be your gallbladder, I had pains like that for a long time, thought it was indigestion or Crohn's related pain. Turned out to be 3 gallstones. Had it removed and never felt that particular pain again!
Hey.. I get the same sort of pain.. I had a ct and was told i had sacriolites.. Which is inflammation of the sacrum. Hope its nothing to serious!!
Thanks guys. Saw my Doctor today and mentioned the back pain again - he said my xray was 'normal'. But I told him that I have had a lot of lower right abdomen pain and back and hip pain. He said he is concerned that the inflammation is spreading outside of my intestine and he wants to see if there is any fluid in my pelvis so I am having an ultrasound tomorrow morning. He said if there is fluid it may need to be drained. Does it sound like he is talking about a fistula? Can anyone shed any light on this?

Aaaarrrrgggghhh I am really fed up with this!! I just want to go back 2.5 years before any of this started!!! I am also really annoyed at myself cos my flare was quite bad (for me anyway!) 2 weeks ago and I refused to contact my Dr (even though my fiance was telling me I should) cos I knew I had an appointment with him today and I thought I may as well wait (my job is mainly desk based so I just carry on regardless!). But over the last few days the pain has eased off a lot and now Im worried that they wont find anything in the scans/tests cos I left it too late - I should have gone to see him when the flare was at its worst!! Why am I so stubborn!!!

Sorry....just feel like a rant! I should be grateful really cos reading some of the stories on here makes me realise my crohn's isnt half as bad as other peoples - but today I feel like I am really hard done by and want to moan!!!

thanks again

I'm glad things eased up for you a bit, but it does suck when you go to the Dr. and things are 'good'...they never seem to take you quite as seriously as when you are in complete agony...though there is often still an underlying problem.