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Back Pain?

I have had lower back pain for a long time and now am on pain meds because of it. My Drs tell me it is because of Crohns related arthritis.
I also have low back pain that they think is crohn's related. My Si Joints are inflamed. I have also had something called Spinal Epidural Lipomytosis from to much prednisone. That cleared up with no pred for a few years. Right now I am on Vicodin for the pain while my Rhumetologist tries to figure out a treatment plan considering I am already on biologics, can't take nsaids, can't take Dmards.. He mentioned more injections into my joints.. sigh
Yeah, I have had two cortisone injections in my lower back but they did not seem to do a thing. I am on percaset right now for the pain and I see a pain management specialist as well.
I ditched the pain management guys.. they sucked for me, I like my Rhumetologist so far.. He understands the meds we take and understand that we have fears of new meds and treatments because of what we have been through. He even got mad when he heard a pain management guy injected my back.
I always get back pain- particularly lower back pain- with my flare-ups. My doctors typically brush it off, but it often gets to the point where my back pain is far more intense than my CD pain even during a serious flare. Sometimes my back prevents be from getting out of bed for days on end. I recently had surgery so my flare was kinda put to a halt, but my back pain persists. I'm taking Tylenol regularly, Robaxin, and Dilaudid (prescribed for post-op abdominal pain so I don't take it often) until I see someone for it. Would a rheumatologist be the right person? Or a physiotherapist? I know massage therapists helps a lot with my back pain but it's not a foolproof option, the pain does still linger.


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I also get lower back pain in a flare, and like Crohnadian, I also get massages to ease the pain. Fortunately, we have a family friend who is a massage therapist, so he gives me a discount AND he also makes house calls. :) That way, in a flare, I don't have to go anywhere - my massage comes to me! It's lovely.
i'm struggling with lower back pain, have been for over 4 months now.. seeing a physio who i have to say does absolutely nothing, but what has been helpful is acupuncture and using a tens machine. i had an xray done last week and got 'normal' results today, so i'm presuming mine is more muscular spasm than skeletal.. but it still hurts :(
I have had MRI's cat scans and xrays on my back, I went to a back pain specialist he put me through PT, Tens machine, tests to see if my nerves work, 2 mris and misc xrays to tell me there is nothing there....

Rhumy said thats common but the pain is real and crohns related, I strongly urge you to go see one.. The back pain just makes life unbearable at this point without any treatment..
It's possible stress is contributing to some of the back pain. Stress induced back pain, especially lower back pain, is pretty common even for people without a chronic illness. It can be a nasty cycle of the pain leading to more stress leading to more pain. Something to look into.