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Bad Breath!

Wondered if anyone here gets breath that occaisionally stinks and tastes like poop? Not that I've ever tasted poop but you know what I mean. (i hope)

This is new to me and it's deeesgusting!!! Just the past two days I've had it along with the incredible pain under my ribs and the nauseau. I was already tested for H. Pylori and told I don't have it so what on earth could cause this? I brush my teeth twice/day and floss every night, though I have to admit I do it quickly since any and all toothpaste kills my mouth since I have sores in them.

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Yeah I get mouth sores too, almost all the time, but usually from Antibiotics. I find if you are flaring and have pain your intestines can back up and cause you to have a bile acid build up and feces if you are blocking. When I have a blockage that is what you puke up, because it has no where to go. Having a sour stomach or ulcers can cause bad breath. Ask your doctor for reasons of your condition, could be something not seen or blood work not showing. I gargle brush my teeth and my mouth tastes horrible too and could be from yeast.


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Do you still have your tonsils? They could be tonsiliths. I used to get them - they really do stink. I had my tonsils removed and it went away - sleep apnea surgery.