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Bad day!

bad day!

Im just having a vent to be honest, so dont feel the need to reply!

I have been on new medication (azathioprine and budesonide) since Christmas and at the end of last week I started to notice that I had no pain whatsoever some days and very little on other days! I was still suffering from bloating and sickness when I ate but had started to figure out that as long as I didnt eat big meals at night (and stayed away from certain foods) I was relatively ok!

So I was getting quite pleased at the fact that (with the exception of tiredness) I was starting to feel kinda 'normal' for once!!

But today I think I have overdone it and now I have got horrible cramping pains in my stomach which I have had since I had lunch at about 2pm. I went to Nandos (which I love!) and i didnt eat a great deal!) but think it must have been too spicy for me - that or its the apple juice that I had which is punishing me!!

Thats all I have eaten all day - 1 meal which consisted of a handful of chips and some chicken and now I am feeling very sorry for myself!! As well as the cramping feeling my lower right side feels sore and inflamed!

Ive noticed the cramping in my stomch on a few occasions - does anyone else get this?? I thought the problem was just in my intestines - dont think I can cope with something being wrong in my stomach as well!

Anyway sorry for moaning - sure ill feel a bit better tomorrow!

Sorry, you're having a bad time Vickie. I hope it was just too spicy for you and once it's out your system you'll feel better again!

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Yep, I am in the exact same boat as you. Except I am not on or can be on immunosuppresants. The bloat, heaviness, and pain in LRQ is very very painful. I have Tylenol 3's but only take them when I need to. Chicken is what I ate, and caused me pain. Now I am taking Ensure, and will stay away from meat until my scope next week. The early am I took a gas X and it did work for a bit. One day I am ok, the next omg.... I have been whining too, my husband gets to hear it all lol. Take care, and find out about B12 shots you maybe low in it and causes fatique if too low. Take care, and venting is allowed ok!!!


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Sorry Vicky....Somtimes it is hard to tell exactly where stomach pain originates from. You can have referred pain, meaning something else other than where you feel the pain is the true source....

When I was really flaring I would have pain in many different areas, including the stomach/ epigastric area. My stomach has always been normal.

Try not worry too much. I hope you start to feel better.
thanks guys! Im just a bit down today! Ive not been sleeping very well for the last week or so which has obviously not helped my tiredness - my doctor has never mentioned vitamin B12 shots to me - he just told me to take Iron supplements which I have done every day for the last 3 months but they dont seem to make any difference! Ive got an appointment on the 8th Feb so I might mention it to him then!

Hi Vickie,

Sorry about your bad day! I agree with Popcorn about pain referring to different places. Mine moves about and unless my Chrohns has suddenly taken over my WHOLE digestive system as opposed to just the ileum, I expect it is referred. Don.t worry too much unless it gets really bad.
I eat a lot of chicken at home, but I have not had luck with restaurant food at all. It took me 3 or 4 days to recover from eating a Big Crunch (kfc chickenburger) and fries last week. was it just some baked chicken breast you ate or some saucy or breaded thing?
I feel your pain. I also have been pretty good lately, thankfully, and have found that eating out upsets me really bad. Even if I cheat and have a couple of fries, I feel it. Fried foods have since been removed from my diet. I loooove fried chicken!!! No more for me, its like me taking out my kidney! But since I feel better when I don't eat it, I stay away from it.
Feel good. We are here for you.
((HUGS)) Vickie! Seems unfair that we can't eat something yummy every so often without paying for it!! I hope you are feeling better today!
Still feeling pretty bad today - sharp pains in my stomach especially when I walk! Its probably not helped by the fact that I have a really bad headache as well and Im exhausted!! All in all another bad day.....but hey maybe tomorrow will be better! :) gotta keep smiling I guess!! :)

Just another question.....do ppl find that they feel worse if they are stressed or worried about something?!

Thanks guys

Yup, stress and worry plays havoc with me! Even worse with the pred which i think yiour body takes a while to recover from.

Try to relax as much as possible. Snd remember there are bad days but these can be followed by good ones. I am havign a really bad one today and optimisitic that it will pass and I''ll be back on track tomorrow!
You're right hun - there are bad days but then there will be good ones! Im so glad this forum exists - I cant really talk to any family or friends as they dont understand!

There are some stressful things going on in my life at the moment so maybe that has contributed to my bad couple of days! Who knows!!!

Good night!!