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Bad flare/obstruction.. because of entocort stopping?

Im currently sitting here trying to recover from a really bad flare/obstruction. Its the worst ive had for 1-2 years. 12hrs of constant vomiting, 16hrs of pain.
Now im not sure if this is because of coming off of entocort 2 weeks ago, ive been on them since February. But i tapered and was down to 1 a day (3mg) since about june. I had withdrawals but no stomach pains at all just nausea. Then bam this! Im also on imuran 150mg a day. Now im thinking this is because steroids were the only thing working for me. Ive seen improvements on aza but still had obstructions and flares so im thinking its time to move up from aza now..? Whilst on steroids i saw a much bigger improvement and obstructions were alot less severe, then with aza they were less common. But still once every 3 months or so.
So do you think aza isnt enough? Or this is down to steroid withdrawal?
I know one thing, i cannot do this again, i cant stop crying. The pain was undescribeably bad.
I know i should have when it happened (monday night) but i was so scared of being kept in and when i did give in i was just too shattered and vomiting to wake my partner (he has sleep apnoea) to take me. Im doing better but do you think i should stick with aza then? Even with aza and steroids i had obstructions. I tried a anti inflammatory that i reacted too so had to stop that a long time ago. I started getting high blood pressure on steroids so they wanted me to stop for good anyway and see if aza is enough. And january he was going to decide then if we need to move up... what could i have with aza? Other than steroids and the anti inflammatory sachets?
Thank you so much for your reply, i know youve been through alot and i do appreciate your advice and opinions.

I also think you need to go to A&E as all that vomiting could leave you dehydrated and you may need to top up your fluids. I know it's not great being in hospital, but hopefully they can get on top of your current situation and you can go home feeling more comfortable.

You should speak to your gastroenterologist just in case your meds need tweaking.

Take care


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I agree with everyone else - when in doubt, go to the ER. And call your GI too. Things are clearly not under control if you're still getting obstructions, so they need to figure out why you're getting those (are they due to scar tissue, inflammation?) and address that properly. And of course the obstruction itself can also become life-threatening if you perforate, so definitely go get things checked out ASAP.