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Bad skin

Hi - My skin on my face has become really congested and spotty - I know this must be down to the meds I am taking but has anyone got any tips on improving it ?

Scabby bowels I can just about manage but a scabby face:eek2: :depressed:


Tazorac works well for me with my post acne marks. Its a prescription Retin A treatment.
I'm on a bunch of acne and milia products from a Derm. dr. and they've helped immensely after my forray with prednisone, but I also have always had acne prone skin from high test levels (hormonal not so much oil based)...I have no clue what has done the helping though. I take Doxycycline orally for it (antibiotic), and topically: tazorac, benzaclin, Rx moisturizers, Gly-wash, antibiotic wash, Rx sunscreen, and a couple others I forget what they're called. Started them all up 2 months ago (cost me like $200) and I am very happy with the direction.


ele mental leprechaun
Tea tree oil is a good one to try definately. I also have a clindamycin lotion in a rollerball bottle my Derms recommended and it works really well. Just put it on morn and night and let it soak in.

The other thing I am trying currently for my skin in general is Dermaveen which is oatmeal based and balances out moisturising aspects. It comes in shampoo and moisturiser. Am impressed so far. Got it at the allergy show in London last friday. Apparently it can be bought at the chemists.

Hope you get some relief soon!
i used to get horrid acne lumps sometimes which erupt into zits the size of mount everest. well they feel like that lol. however, recently i've found a combination which has stopped them in their tracks and they rarely grow into lumps any more - i wash daily with Simple facewash (no additives), then i dab teatree oil on the problem areas, let it dry before applying any makeup. if one does appear, i use a teatree concealer stick. and for the stubborn ones which do appear - i use Differin gel. my skin's been great for months on this regime.
is the "chemist" synonomous with the pharmacy? I just want to make sure I don't show up at a neighborhood meth lab for acne products.


ele mental leprechaun
Yes Benson chemist is pharmacy. You have me smiling this morning. I thought about it after I typed but couldnt be bothered to change it. Showing my age and I guess our lingo here too. ;-)