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Balloon dilation- frequency and effectiveness

I cannot get the search function to work, so I am starting a new thread in hopes of getting answers, or links to earlier threads.
I have had Crohn's for 60 years, and only needed an operation in 1979, so that's 40 years ago. I had a sub-total colectomy and an ileo-rectal anastomosis, with a couple of small resections done as well. I have been in work all my life, and had only minor troubles with the Crohn's and peri-anal fistulae since that operation, the fistulae being finally cured 3 years ago with Infliximab and Azathioprine. I came off these as I kept getting infections from cuts and cat scratches, and have not had any recurrence of the fistulae, but I have, for the last 2 years had symptoms of a stricture, confirmed by MRI and sygmoidoscopies, at the site of the ileo-rectal anastomsis, just a very short way into the rectum from the anus. No blockages, just bloating etc., which I controlled with an ultra low fibre diet, i.e. no five a day for me!
2 months ago I had a balloon dilation done whilst I was having one of my all too regular flexible sygmoidoscpois, undertaken by the colorectal surgeon who looks after me in conjunction with the gastroenterologist, and all appeared to go well, expanding up to 19mm, but afterwards I had a lot of bleeding from the dilation site, and had to stay in hospital for 2 days, treated with Tranexamic acid, which did, eventually, stem the bleed, and I returned home to a better feeling internally. I am now experiencing somewhat similar symptoms to before the dilation, but cannot confirm a return to narrowing until after anext MRI, but I would like to know if anyone has had, successfully, multiple balloon dilations. I would try again, but worry about a more serious repeat of the bleeding. I have seen mention of stents, does such a thing exist for the bowel, again, anyone with any experience?
Thankfully I am in the UK, and 1 million hearty cheers for our NHS, which has kept me in gainful employment throughout my adult life.
Well I just had mine done a couple of months ago…..no more blockages so far…..Back to a normal life!!!!……i hope this will last…..
hmmm....no recovery actually.

The first time that same day in the afternoon I was having some pain I remember whille aI was shopping at BJ and ate something and it was gone....maybe I was just hungry I think.
The second time.....nothing.
I assume everybody may react in a different way, but in my case I had no pain. I really HATED that stricture. My life was a nightmare.
So far so good, but I still get worried when I eat veggies. A psychological thing I assume.
Cool thanks for your reply. I have a stricture in my anus now and I’m quite nervous about it the procedure. Hopefully mine will go the same as yours!
I hope you will be ok, although my stricture was in my terminal ileum in the small bowel at the site of a previous anastomosis.
When they took away my sigmoid colon, when they did an anastomosis between the rectum and the descending colon, luckily a stricture did not form there.