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Barium x ray

did my barium x ray today. went to the hospital outpatient building at 7:40, waited until 8:30am to be called and told i need to take a blood pregnancy test before x-ray and i had to wait an hour and a half for the results! Then when i started the xrays. it took me a minute to down one cup of nasty barium, 15 minutes later first scan and it had already reached small intestine. Drank only like a third of the second cup and then another scan 15 minutes later and it had already reached the end of my small intestine. Then the doctor was called in to do a spot test where they look at your intestines move when pushed with a paddle and you can see them doing the test. it was pretty cool to see what it looked like. my intestines are much more compacted then i thought they would be (im a very thin person though) Then i was done. so less than 40 minutes for that exam but i was at the hospital for a while just waiting. and its christmas weekend so wont hear results till prob mid next week