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So im 3 weeks down the line after my ileo surgery,all seems to be healing nicely,just wondering when im ok to start going in the bath.Showers are fine but miss lying chilling in the bath...

Cheers peeps


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Did your consultant say there was a restriction in bathing? I've been having them ever since I left hospital without an issue (no stoma though). I imagine it's ok to bath whenever you want, just dont use bubble bath. If you're having doubts you called always call the IBD nurse or stoma nurse at your hospital and ask them for advice.
im sure they said to wait till my stitches were out and my rear end had healed enough.just dont wana jump in to soon as my wound might not heal as quick soaking in the bath im sure they told me....
Check with your doctor on the stitches thing, but aside from that, baths are fine anytime! You can swim and sit in a bath with a bag on, though you might need to change the bag soon after if the adhesive comes loose. You can bathe without a bag as long as you are in an area with a trusted clean water source.
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Thanks 2thFairy.stitches have been out for a week so no worries there,just wanted to be sure it wouldnt affect my would in anyway,its healing nice,so much so its clean and no scabbing.