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Bathroom Card

I would like to do a poll but not sure how. So:

In another post (nogutsnoglory – Moderator) said: “There are card print outs you can have for IBD and other conditions if you ever need "proof". Type in ccfa bathroom card in Google images to print one out”.

My question is: Do these actually work?

Has anyone has actual success with them?

I have had one for ten years but I have only ever used it twice I think. From memory, both times I used it were desperate emergency situations - but it didn't help either time.

First time: I was walking down the street and suddenly felt my bowels constrict (sure you have all been there!), and I was suddenly desperate for the bathroom.

I had to go into an office block to ask if I could use theirs. They said no.

I was butt clenching and practically crying by this stage. I showed them my card. The idiot person on reception took so long to inspect it and show it to colleagues for back-up / approval, that I lost bowel control and pooed myself in the office in front of the everyone gathered around "inspecting" the card. Not one of my finest moments.

The second time I tried to use it - the person inspecting it said it was not an "official card". I can see their point actually because the Australian card has (or had) advertising sponsorship by Nestle Confectionery on one side of it. I have no idea why, but it didn't bode well in my opinion. And since it was rejected, it obviously didn't bode well for the person inspecting it either.

What are your experiences with the bathroom cards?
In the uk there is a group you can join (NACC) when you join there is a annual fee, but if your on low income you can get it free, they supply you with a card, is it is really good, I have used it twice so far and both times it has worked. I'm sorry about your situation...


It has worked for me and if I encounter trouble I make up that it's the law. Works like a charm.

Here's how it goes:

"Can I please use your restroom. *flashes card* I have a medical condition."

If the bathroom is accessible but private yet I can walk in I don't even ask. I have also used single bathrooms of the opposite sex. I'm sorry but if I gotta go I'm going.
I got one after I got my ileostomy. Thankfully I haven't needed to use it, though, so I have no knowledge if it works or not.
I have not had a card, but what works for me is something like this...
I have a medical condition and I need to use your bathroom
.... No we don't have one for customers....
Ok, where are your cleaning supplies, because I'm going now and can't help it, you don't want that smell in your business all day.. do you?
I will be happy to contact the Americans with disabilities and let them know how your business is not accepting to all!
..... ok bathroom is here.....

You gotta be willing to back up your actions tho, I honestly will go if I don't have any choice!!!
Hate we have to be like that.