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Beau's lines!


Anyone have noticed these lines in their nails? I have small lines in both my thumb nails and also more prominent ridges in my big toe nails.
Apparently they are associated with malnutrition and all kinds of different disease.
Confusing??? All of my blood tests have come back normal and I am not losing weight??
Anyone else have noticed these lines/ridges in their nails?
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Like a ridged half moon going horizontal across the nail? I google beau's lines and that's what it looks like.
I used to get this a lot when I was younger. I remember someone telling me it was lack of calcium, but I've no idea if that is true. Hasn't happened in a long time, so maybe I've just been eating healthier. Or could be because of taking multivitamins; no idea.
I recently saw my dermatologist who looked @ the horizontal ridges on both my big toe nails..... she thought it was some sort of toe nail fungus so she took a sample to biopsy! Turns out it the lab results were negative for a fungus...wonder if what I have is beau's lines????