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... because 2020 ...

I'll have a mod help edit the title to something more suitable at a later time, but this'll do for now

2020 just flat sucks, no other way to put it

Between the corona virus shutting down the world (and our health care/clinics), and the financial problems that is causing

... there's a lot of folks in trouble,

... and it's even worse for those of us with g.i. issues

I've been mostly lucky, but my luck has run out a time or two and some critical care fell thru the cracks

The further off the path things got (wrong meds/botched/missing testing and the like) the worse I got

While most of that effect has been purely medical, it has had a devastating effect on my mental health

I'm a pretty stubburn man, and I waited waay too long to reach out for help
... almost too long ...
I kept thinking it wasn't so bad, I could fix it myself, the dosctors would get things figured out, I could cope,but it just kept getting worse

There's lots of folks having issues this year.
Good, solid workaday folks who had their lives turned upside down by outside events
The smart ones had a plan, and many even had a solid back up plan, but 2020 just flat squashed a lot of folks hopes and dreams and crushed their souls
It is what it is
America is hurting right now, and that's that
It will also heal, bit by bit, little by little things are gonna turn around

Unfortunately, in the meantime resources are being strecthed to the breaking point in many areas

This has complicated many of our medical problems, and many things have been falling thru the cracks.
Appointmtmnets scheduled waaay out and then, cancelled, tests not run, been a lot of dissapointing things happening in our doctors offices/clinincs
This is creating additional stresses that are making us sicker, which just stresses us more that makes us sicker in an ever tighteneing spiral

Getting into see competent mental health professionals that can help with our unique circumstances has always been difficult
the crohn~a~coaster of daily variability as things ebb and flare is hard for many mental health folks to understand, but there are resources out there
... you just have to ask for them
...it's damn hard
... but if you havent felt right or been happy in some time, feel hopeless

REACH OUT for some help,

because your health will benefit,
as will you on a personal level
as well as all those who care for you

things always go better when you have a positive attitude, and having someone backing you up on the mental health side of things is key to staying positive

There should be mental health professionals attached to your g.i. clinic

I reached out to mine in early January, and unfortunatelky, it was a disaster
... they don't "get" autism,
... not do they know how to deal with a guy who goes from fifth year resident level of medical knowledge to a guy who cant even form a complete sentence just five seconds later

They can probably help most folks, but not me, so I had to swallow my pride and try again (hospital resources)

... and again (hospital resources)

... and yet again (my internal medicine/pcp resource )


It's made all the difference in how things are going

I finally found someone who practices sound, old school approaches and doesnt medicate first, troubleshoot later

After several appointments/evaluations, I did have to accept a minimal med (diazepam 10mg that I break in quarters/halves) because I waited too long and my anxiety was too bad to let run ... it was affecting everything ...

But, I can finally see a scosche of daylight, and the medical side of things is calming down significantly

If you're feeling out of sorts, reach out, please reach out for some help

If you don't want to talk to a doctor about it, post a thread here
Ive only joined this forum recently, (and it looks like it was more active in the past) but there's folks here who get it

we live this,
we know how it feels
we have workarounds/strategies for the bad days
we can help you have more good days

reach out/post up


Thanks for reading, and have a good day


(sorry this is a mess, not good with words, but I feel it needed to said
these are tough times, we've got to support each other and get help when we need it)