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Been awhile

Hello everyone, its been a longtime since I last posted a message so ill let everyone know whats been going on.... Iam now going on surgery #6 since September '05.. Past surgery's consist of: colon removal and bag placement, bag take down, emergency perf of intestine and bag placement, surg. to make bag perminate and removal of rectum and correction of stoma, and the last one was october 07 to fix stoma once again...... Well it has now come to the point of needing another stoma revision! my surgeon has told me it needs to be done but he wants me to find another doctor! So Wednesday I plan on going to Mass General to the E.R so I can be seen sooner than later because the pain is getting sooo bad again, its so bad i dont sleep at night.... :voodoo:
So sorry to hear about this difficult chain of events. However, my son's doctors, both GI and surgeon, who I really think are wonderful, are out of Mass. General-he attends college in Cambridge. If you would like information about them please do not hesitate to ask. I have nothing but accolades for the care he has received there and his resection surgery which went off without a hitch and had a record recovery rate.
Feel better soon,
Ramona Bradlyn