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BEFORE YOU POST: etiquette

A few simple guidelines on what to post here:

The sort of things, but not limited to, that are welcome here:
  1. My doctor has recommended I start Humira, I'm scared.
  2. Is my disease really bad enough for Humira?
  3. I don't think I can inject myself, does it hurt?
  4. I'm on Humira and I found this on the web, but I don't understand it
  5. I get this strange reaction after I inject
  6. I'm having trouble doing my injections, can I have some advice please

The things that you really should think about first before you post. Ask yourself: does it add to the body of knowledge in this forum?, is it actually useful? can I google for it?
  1. I found this on the web, and I think everybody on Humira should read it, it's just so !!!SCARY!!!
  2. The bloke across the street says it causes your eyeballs to pop out on stalks, is this true?
  3. OMG Humira is so dangerous I just want to help you all get off your addiction to manufactured chemicals that poison your body.

There will be grey areas where you may be unsure whether to post, please post. We'd rather you posted something than be too scared to post. The worst that can happen is that it will be deleted, or the thread locked, that wouldn't be held against you in any way.

If you come across something on the web about Humira and want to post a link to it please do. However, do think again if you need to use emotive language, or multiple exclamation marks (!) with it. Consider if it is new information, or if it is dated last year has it been posted already? - there is a search option in the menu bar at the top of the page. Lastly, does it contribute anything to the forum.