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Beginning methotrexate for enteropathic/psoriatic arthritis

I'm needing more information on how methotrexate helps with arthritis if I am already taking humira for last 7 months. I have psoriasis and arthritis but humira is not helping with either one. I had both before humira but last 6 months arthritis is worse. Rheumatologist wants to start methotrexate but I've read so many cons and some pros. Not sure what to do: In a way, I think I can live with the arthritis but sometimes it just keeps me from doing what I want and I am limited. At other times, it doesn't bother me. I guess I need some insight. Anyone else that has started methotrexate and it relieved arthritis? I'm a little scared to start on another medicine.
He intends on keeping me on humira since bloodwork has shown it seems to be doing its job which is great. I'm still having symptoms like diahrrea but that's the usual. I'll check out the link you have. I have an appointment with rheum this week and with gastro next week after the holidays. Thanks.