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Being an ostomate is...

Am feeling in a bit of a silly mood and thought I might start a thread looking at the funnier side of being an ostomate. Thought we could come up with one-liners to laugh about the quirks of life with a stoma.

To get the ball rolling:

Being an ostomate is...

...cleaning the poop from between your toes when you dared to shower without a pouch!
Oh god - the number of times I showered without a pouch, towelled down, not realised there was poop in the towel and nearly dried my hair with it ....
Being an ostomate is living on the edge!!!!


Staff member
.........being able to see your poop shoot across the bathroom.
.........cleaning up said poop from wall, floor, legs, toilet and anything else within shooting reach!
........seeing what food is digested and what isn't.