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Being Gay and having Crohns

Hi All. This is my first post on the site. Iv'e always being curious to talk to other guys which have Crohns, who are Gay. I know it's not something that would effect it in any way, but when it comes to sexual activity, this is where I'm wanting advice!

Iv'e had Crohns since i was 7 and have had 1 Stomach Bypass operation to date. I never used to suffer with loose stools until I turned 18. I think it was brought on by heavy drinking and smoking, which i know is very bad for me. I suppose anyone with Crohns will have some difficulties with relationships but for me, when it comes to sex everything changes. I'm scared i'll damage something or even made it worse by engaging in Anal Sex. [Sorry for the details]. If anyone has any advice, experience, or stories please let me know. I think the only way I'm going to get real advice is if i talk to really people with Crohns and not sure your average Joe's!

Thanks in advance!

James :)
There was another member on here who had the same questions though I can't remember his name and it was about 2 years ago. You should try using the search option. I'm going to go try and see what I come up with.



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Welcome to the forum! :D

As long as you're not affected in that area and it doesn't hurt to engage in sexual activity then you're fine. For me (I've only tried it twice and I'm female) it gave me crazy diarrhea but that went away within a day. As you know with anal sex, it should be taken slow and use plenty of lube but just because you have Crohn's doesn't mean you can't do it. Like I said though, if it hurts, then don't do it or get checked out by your GI to make sure there aren't any hemorrhoids or other issues causing the pain (if there is any).