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Benadryl for nausea?

I've been reading that anti-histamines can help with nausea. I'm currently maxed out on nausea meds for the day and was thinking about giving it a shot. I probably will, I'm just curious if anyone else tries it for nausea.

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Never heard of benadryl for nausea. Can tell you though, it works wonders in order to put you asleep! Looks like it works for some people but, not others. So, I don't know. I'm wondering if it might be safer to ask your doctor or advice nurse. They might have some ideas as well. I hope that nausea goes away soon for you though. Take care. :hug:
Hello Manzyb

When I were hospitalized this year after my surgery the dr prescribed Benadryl because I was allergic to the nausea medication and it seemed to help .. He told me that it helps with Crohn's patients.


I know it's commonly given to dogs for nausea. It's supposed to slow down the digestive tract or something. I don't see any reason why it would affect us any differently, especially since all of the other effects are the same. I'd say it's definitely worth a try.
Thanks guys :)

I ended up coming to the ER. I was so dehydrated from vomiting. They're givin me IV zofran. It works wonders!


Zofran definitively works wonders! For further reference, I don't know if it is the Benadryl that helps for the nausea of the fact it gets me sleepy much... I guess it's a combination of both action. It helps with the migraine when you somewhat can't handle it anymore, it calms the whole thing.
I hope you get better soon!
zofran is the best. I was on it for almost a week on my last er stay
rest well and try to stay away from the ER rice pudding
Zofran is magical. I've never tried Benadryl specifically for nausea, but it knocks me out every time I have to take it for an allergic reaction.


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Never tried the Benadryl, I've tried Gravol (not sure you can get it in the States with out a prescription) bit it knocks me out
Go for it! My doc said that if I was still feeling nauseas after Zofran, then to take a Benadryl. And if I still felt sick to take an Ativan, because apparently both help with nausea. I tried it and it does help :)
Benadryl is prescribed to children as a sleep aid, and dogs and cats to help prevent travel sickness and keep them calm.

Last time I took Benedryl though, (which was just last week) I slept for almost 2 days solid and could hardly move for several days afterwards. Benedryl has an especially high residual effect, at least on me, so I try to avoid it at all costs, but it works, and is very effective.

for nausea specifically though, Dramamine (for car sickness) can be even more effective, but it also can make you extremely drowsy.
Phenergan, a very common drug used for nausea, is an antihistamine. So yes, Benadryl can help for nausea as well.
I didn't know Phenergan was an antihistamine, but I do know I had this the last time I was hospitalized. I was initially getting Zofran, which I've had many times and usually works, but the last time I was vomiting pretty much uncontrollably. One IV injection of phenegrine later and the vomiting stopped, but it also knocked me out for about five hours.

Funny part of that is, my wife was in the hospital room, and I was trying to speak to her, but it hit me so hard apparently all I could do was mumble and slur my words.