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Benefit of taking shot Bi-weekly

My son's symptoms and inflammation continued to climb... so after we were at Mayo the Doctor wanted to keep Cimzia at biweekly (Because we were still in the induction phase of biweekly) and to add MTX injections. I'm kinda frustrated tho because none of this worked either and Dec 10th we went total EEN along with everything else too.
I had a conversation with Dr. today regarding upping the Cimzia to every 2 weeks. I do my shots every 3 weeks but inflammation is getting worse. Going to add Aza and hope for the best. Anyone do combo therapy? Has it helped?
When I was first on monthly it was great, almost felt like remission. After a while it just stopped helping as much and the D got so bad that I unless I acted like immodium was candy I was going 15-20 times a day and lost 35 pounds in 3 months. Doc switched me over to bi-weekly and while it's been a definite improvement, feels like it's not been enough. Probably having a colon soon to determine what to do with going back to Humira after being off it for about a year now as a possible option.
I started taking Cimzia after Remicade failed for me. Started with the 1x month dose but after a few months and talking with the Doc, we decided to go every 2 weeks instead.
I didn't feel I was able to get the benefits for the full month with 1x month.
Now, with taking shots every 2 weeks, I make it thru the month without problems.
I'm also on 150 mg. Aza per day. I feel like I'm pretty much in remission.