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Best rice to eat for Crohn's sufferers?

Currently, I eat extra long basmati rice. What type of rice should I opt to be eating? Extremely high fibre? My diet mostly consisted of rice and chicken even before this sickness began to afflict me, but is high fibre rice what I should be opting to eat? If so, what is arguably the best choice of rice to eat?


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The best thing to do is talk to a dietician, some people find that trial and error works as there is no one specific diet/food that works for everyone.
rice is nice.....basmati i agree of.......low glycemic index....

i think the best benefit however is how its prepared....optimizing for resistant starches when possible and cooking in 50% min bone broth if possible...

plus soaking and pressure cooking(for lectins, and just cuz its cool to make in 5 mins)

soaking gets interesting too as with brown rice, lower phytase so people actually culture/stack the rinse water to increase the enzyme in it....

then you have things like congee, which can be said to prefer a more starchy grain....and in fact japonica, can come as a black grain high in anthocyanin so that could be a logic choice as well.....

for my basmati tho.....i think the best out of it is something like:
soak/rinse, pressure cook in bone broth and oil, cool well, reheat(skillet dishes, stews etc easy enough)