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Best Time To Take Prednisolone?

I have been on prednisolone for about 2 months started at 20mg went up to 30mg have been on 30 for about 1 to 1/2 months. It bothers my stomach so doctor told me to split into 2 doses. Does the time I take the doses matter? and the time between them matter? I usually take my first dose around 10 or 10 30 AM and then the second at 10 10 30 PM. I have been on prednisone before but this time it is not working as well as i've hoped and I need it to be! I'm 16 have had crohn's since 9 just on prednisolone for the time being! Any suggestions or tips would be awesome!:ybiggrin:


Hiya Younglava
and welcome

I only know from my own personal experience of this med.
I took mine all at once each morning at 6am, and the reason being is that it reduced any insomnia side effects.
I might be wrong, but it doesn't make sense to split these doses.
Also I'm concerned that this has been your only med over the last 7 years?
Is that so?
Do your parents go with you to see the consultant?
Have a read thro our treatment section here on the forum, there are lots of other alternative to steroids.
Lots of support here for you, any questions, just shout, ok
lotsa luv
Joan xxx
Oh no! I have been on pretty much everything, from asacol, methotrexate, 6mp, remicade, right now im just looking for the next maintenance med and was put on prednisolone but not working so well sorry for that! i'm new to the site! haha


Aw that's ok, and that's a relief too!
Don't worry it takes some navigating to get round here!
Welcome to the forum.

If you are splitting the dose, usually you take them evenly split apart. Or, since most people take it first thing in the morning, maybe take them both as early as possible, as soon as you can tolerate taking the second dose after the first. The reason most people take the whole dose in the morning is taking it later in the evening causes insomnia. I heard once that steroids were more effective if taken in the morning because of how we metabolize them, but I'm not sure if that's true.

Usually the best way to find out an answer to a question is to ask your doctor. We give advice on here but your doctor knows your case and your meds best and will be best equipped to help. I hope your next maintenance med gets you off the steroids and has you feeling better.
I split my dose when it was above 20 mg. I was on 40 mg and I would split it to both prevent stomach problems (I am also taking Lialda, split dose also) and to keep a more consistant dose in my body.

I do not know if the time you take it matters too much, as long as it is around twelve hours apart. I took mine at 6:00 AM and 6:00 PM just because it fit my work schedule.

I was always told to take it all first thing in the morning with plenty of food. A bowl of cereal just wasn't enough to stop it making me feel sick. Were you taking it with enough food before you split the dose?
I used to always take it in one go in the morning with breakfast, and id be whizzing around like there was no tommorow once it kicked in. God knows how much worse the insomnia would have been had i taken it in the evening.


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Hi Younglava and welcome to the forum!

I've merged your two threads into this one since they were the same. Don't worry, it's all good, we just like to have only one copy of the same thread going at a time. :)

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I agree with Joan, my GI recommended 6 am, all at once. Not for insomnia, but because that is when the adrenal gland naturally releases it's own prednisone type substance, and this way your just doing it artificially. It also dramatically reduced my side effects such as insomnia and weight gain.

Wishing you better health!
hi I take all mine in the morning. I have been on mine for a week helping slowing down my bowel but I have never been so tired in all my life. I have not had a good night sleep since I have been taking it and still have no energy.
I've seen 3 consultants since first being diagnosed and they all told me to take the pred with my breakfast as early as possible after I wake up. This was for two reasons - the first is something to do with your body releasing a chemical along with the pred (as above) - secondly, to help with the insomnia! I was having trouble dozing off on my most recent course of pred until I stopped taking it at 10AM - and got up early at 6AM. Now I sleep like a baby!
When I was on pred, I took it in the morning as well, mainly because it was easy to remember to take it then so I wouldn't forget. And as of today I am back on pred, so will be back to adding it to the morning cocktail.