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Best way to replenish electrolytes

As the title suggest whats the best way? I've been working out and biking and only drink water, since June and only drink non-dairy milk. But maybe I should try other stuff to help replenish it as well. Should I drink Gatorade? I am not a big fan of it because it has tons of sugar. So any food or supplement to keep it balanced?
I've been drinking Vitamin Water Zero... no cals and sweetened with stevia. Has electrolytes, vitamin c, vitamins b5, b6 and b12... plus vitamin e, a and zinc. Little bit of potassium in there too.


Naples, Florida
Someone I trust on the subject of electrolytes recommended this. However, I don't know enough about the subject to say for sure.

While you're on the subject, give this a read.

As for vitamin water, give this a read. The "Zero" version of it may be better, I don't know. But a snippet:
In response to a recent lawsuit against Coca-Cola filed by the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI), Coke's attorneys replied in court briefings that, "...no consumer could reasonably be misled into thinking vitaminwater was a healthy beverage."
I just found one at a small local health food store that is really good called Ultima Replenisher. It is a powder that you add to water. Comes in 4 different flavors, lots of vitamins and minerals, sweetened with stevia and non-GMO maltodextrin. It was hard to find in stores, my Whole Foods didn't carry it, but now I see you can order it online. Here's their website:


It's a bit expensive, but I found a website called Vitacost that offers a good discount on it.
Thanks, I spoke to a friend who was a EMT he told me after working out or biking playing sports. Put salt in water as it should help.


Naples, Florida
I've begun research on this subject and regarding salt:

1. Not all salt is created equal. Use sea salt. HOWEVER, the amount you use is important as well. I'm not quite sure how much to use yet.

2. You'll be missing calcium and potassium. I've seen people adding baking soda and "salt alternative" but I'm not sure on how good of an idea that is yet.
I found this website for a DIY electrolyte water http://beverage-recipes.wonderhowto...electrolyte-enhanced-water-for-cheap-0138251/

Ive also heard of people using half water half fresh juice to taste better and get the sugars

That's a good recipe.

I make my own sportsdrink using sugar free kool aid packets- each packet makes 2qts and cost 10 cents. Here's a good recipe for that:


Just substitue Morton's Lite Salt for Sea Salt as the Morton's is a good source of potassium. In fact, I use the Morton's Lite Salt as my regular salt just to get the extra potassium.
be careful about using "flavored" electrolytes...even if they are sugar free, they have artificial sweeteners, which are detrimental to your healing. I suggest a couple of electrolyte replacements...do a search for either.

Energetix Spectramin

Allergy Research Balanced Electrolyte Concentrate

Be aware that electrolytes will taste salty until your body has what it needs...when your needs are being satisfied, you will barely taste the concentrate.

Both are excellent, although I like the Allergy Research because it contains calcium.