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Better after surgery but do i need to take medication

Hi i wasnt sure where to post this,, I had an emergency surgery to remove all my colon last september after suddenly getting very ill with what i thought was a stomach bug as my partner had a stomach bug so i assumed it was that,, Ihad always been having some very mild tummy pains for quite awhile before i got sick but colonoscopy an mri showed nothing so thought i was fine,, until september when i thought it was a bug but it got bad so i went to the hospital,, it took the a few days to realise it was bowel disease crohns , tried some steroids and infliximab ,, but didnt work obviosly as my bowel suddenly perforated and later that day had the surgery,, now have ilesostomy,, my worry is now should I be on medication,, my gastro doctor says no because my diease was in the colon an now its gone he says i dont need to take meds as they are pretty bad to take,,, but my worry is that i will suddenly get very ill out of the blue again ,, could my small bowel go rogue on me suddenly like my colon did and burst ? Im in the uk,, if i tell my doctor im worried will he give me meds or would he not even if i say i want them for prevention? I have been having very mild pain which is what feels just like period pain to me,,, which is the same feelings i used to get before i knew i had crohns, but without a colon why would i get the same feelings as before if its my digestive system thats that is hurting,,, This is all very strange to me and im just waiting in a way for when ill get ill again,,, as my doc seemed very confident ill be fine now,, but all that iv read online says it usually comes back ,, I dont trust doctors tests now either so i feel i have no way to even know an just have to wait for it to get really bad until ill get treated again

Basically should I try taking a medication or is my doctor right in not giving me one , anyone not on anything like me ?
Welcome. I would think it might come back. I could be wrong. You could stay in remission for a while. My impression is that we need to be on medicine for the rest of our life.. I would look for a doctor who will put you on medication.. At the same time, I hope you stay in remission for a while.
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