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Better than Last Year

Hello to all the Wonderful People who are better than any physical condition that they deal with.

Skyrizzi is the best drug I've been on. no flare for nearly a year for the first time since diagnosed 6 years 372 days in the hospital since, is enough. And I went through losing my father and also a my chance to tae care of him the last 3 painful months, was a privilege that I am proud to have been there, giving just a small percentage of what he gave me. Since Crohn's, my brother died of a heart attack, my sister from Cancer, my mom before I got Crohn's from Alzheimer's. I am the only immediate family member left. I know my family want me to to be the best and healthiest personI can be, so that is what I try to focus on.

Interesting, I ended up on the hospital for four days, when my dad was also in the same hospital. With the extreme stress I was under, my body reacted and swole like a Crohn's attack, but it was just stress, A Pavlovian response.

I was able to be home when it really mattered. I got all my vaccines, but still got COVIC in my sinuses at the end of last August. I feel lucky I go ahold of it before it attacked my lungs. Today I found out from my family doctor's office that recovery can take 3 - 6 months. I bought a Navage sinus flusher, but still a little gun shy to use it. although approved by my doctor.

Since COVID, I have really been dragging trying to get back to better health. I couldn't even walk around my block as I have done the last few years. only making it half way before I turned around, which confused my dog. Last night I made it all round the block and with shopping walked 5127 steps, 2.2 miles. Today I am wiped and feeling blue.

Thankfully, i got to watch the last half of the movie, Forest Gump, which reminded me to keep living and keep moving forward. It is silly that I stayed up 2 hours late to watch the movie and write this entry, I know the movie took a lot of liberties with the history of the 40 or years of his life, but I thought it the story still worked and the actors were all amazing. Thank you Tom Hanks and the rest of the cast. Good night.