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Beware the small bowls of strawberries in life

No smoking, no drinking, no pork, no red meat, no broccoli, no tomatoes, no peppers, no intense spices, no inulin...

Yes prednisone, yes omega-3s, yes iron, yes yoga, yes cardio exercise, yes weight-lifting, yes the 'right' balance of fiber, yes constant hydration...

Nos and yeses are making me feel neurotic. Some days I really envy people who just act without regard to consequences and take their health for granted.

The last time I did that, I ate a small bowl of strawberries and whipped cream at a party. By 2am I was hospitalized with a small bowel obstruction. Fruit the mighty conqueror. What can I say? I was young and restless last year.

This year I'm a disciplined crohnsie. I'm hoping the forum will help out when I'm tired of seeing anxious/depressed looks on my loved ones faces. I know they mean well with their worry, but I mean well with not wanting to
overwhelm them and have to feel guilty about it.

Overall, I'm managing. I even made myself a nursing care plan (student nurses you know what I mean) Frustrated by my body's darned refractory nature to pharmacological management, but some one has to keep the surgeon on her toes.

Thanks for the vent.


At least you learned right off, what to avoid. That is the hardest part for some. I kind of know what not to eat and def. know what not to drink. I occasinally allow myself a No-No and inevitably pay the piper. Thankyou for sharing your insight. Hope you continue to do well and welcome to the forum!