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Big delimma need help

I know all the post about madasin are together and this is added there to, but we need some advice and wanted this to stand out. thanks

We have a delima and need everyones advice on this one:::::

The medication dicyclomine that the doc ordered for Madasin says that if you have any of the follow do not take: Acid reflux, esopigus problems, Ulcerative Colitis, or are taking antacids. Of course there are more but these are what stuck out to us:

Madasin is on prevacid three times a day for reflux, cause she had the surgery when infant for reflux, her esopigus is damaged from this and in november they diagnosed her with UC. So we are tossed what to do. We want to give her the meds to help her but we are scared because of the above. Do any of you have any advice as to what we should do????? we are tossing it so hard and are so confused. We want to get her relief and give her the meds to see if that will give her any, but are afraid it will hurt her more if we do because of the above.

Please help with some advice

thanks everyone

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Hi there, I have used dicyclomine which is an antispasmotic. I took one the other night. I am on Nexium, and I have a Hiatus hernia and was sought to have colitis on top of my Crohns and the hospital doctor is aware of that and gave them to me.

I have also been on Buscopan, sister type drug , didnt do a thing. I am not a doctor but a doctor wouldnt prescribe it and it is a very common drug crohnies get so I would try it and if you still are worried call the doctor in the morning to double check. Hope Madasin is ok... hugs.


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Hi: Sometimes your best resource is your local pharmacist, whoever fills all of Maddie's prescriptions. Pharmacists are sometimes more up on drugs and interactions than physicians (since they focus on meds and physicians focus on a number of things), although I 100% agree with Penny that the doctor is probably aware of this, too, and has judged the chance of benefits to be greater than the risk of negative effects.

It's a full-time job, keeping track of all these meds, isn't it?
Unfortunitly calling the doctor is not an opition being that she no longer has one until we get her to NYC. We dont trust this doc but will talk to pharmacy and see what they say, thanks

Yes it is a full time job and it makes you crazy after a while.
Hi Rosemary - I agree with Kelly; your pharmacist probably knows more about med interactions than the dr. The pharmacist should be able to tell you why there's a warning about using both of them together, and if the interactions are severe or not.

Sorry about the dr. troubles. :hug:


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Hey guys,

I agree it's best to seek advice from the pharmacist if you are unable to speak with your doctor. I don't know if this is an option in your country but if you remain unsure is it possible to ring the emergency department at your local hospital and seek advice from them?

Take care, :)


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Nothing new to add, just wondering if you tried it and if so what were the results? Keep us posted!!
no dustycat our ER here wont give us information. they say they are nto allowed to.
dexky...no we have not tried it yet...we are going to give her for first does this morning. we will keep you posted
kelley talked to pharmacist and discussed medicine. We are giving it a shot and will let everyone know how it works..

Thanks everyone