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Bile Acid Malabsorption

Hi everyone,

I hope your all well as can be.....

I was at the Hospital this week and they have confirmed that my MRI scan on my small bowel came back fine, which is great news, so now they are thinking I've got Bile Acid Malabsorption, which I need to take a breath test at my GP surgery to confirm this, and live on sachets for the rest of my days. Could be worse I suppose. I asked if they have tablet form of medication instead as I've heard that the sachets are disgusting, but I've to try the sachets as they are more effective and are less expensive to produce. I'll give them a try, has anybody else had these? I think they are called Questran.


I have used questran but didn't have any success with them. Do you find your diarrhea burns and is very acidic? I'm not sure what's next since I don't seem to be returning to normal stools from Cimzia.
hey theghirl emma,i was treated for this last year,given some tablets,cant remember the name,i also treid the sachets before but my symptoms,going to the loo about 30times a day,did eventually die down,ive had this feeling twice now,and both times its been horrific,but it ended eventually,
Hope it passes soon and doesnt cause any more discomfort...

Hail Hail

I take the pill form (Welchol) x4 and lomotil x4 and Cimzia (bi-weekly) and 5mg prednisone and that just keeps things formed...

The powder form was horrid. I hear psyllium powder is very similar not as horrible to take and otc... might be worth a shot?