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Bile acid malabsorption

Hi guys I’m just wondering does anyone else suffer with bile acid. I was diagnosed with IBS 15 years ago but been suffering with constantly belly ache and not being able to keep food down. Usually after a main meal I’m on the toilet with in 10 minutes. I have tried endless medications and herbal remedies unfortunately nothing seems to work. I had a sechat scan at the hospital and it come back back with bile acid. I am now on fibre gel sachets I take 2 a day and I have noticed a massive difference in my stomach. No cramp no pain no Diarrhoea !.obviously I can’t have this for ever but it’s a start so it’s better than nothing...I am going for a colonoscopy very soon so hopefully that’s shows up something that will clear up this condition sooner rather than later. Anyway that’s my rant over.