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Biological medication!!!!

Hi guys my GI told me today he wants to try biological medication due to my Crohns not settling.
How many of you are on these meds and are they working for you?
Thanks for the fast reply.
Is it that good?He said it's very expensive but due to the Crohns being the way it is he wants me to try it.
Has been a miracle drug for my son. Has been in remission since starting infusions in January. He doesn't even think about his crohn's now except once every 6 weeks when he has his infusion and he just watches movies, plays computer games or takes a nap during the infusion
I just had my fourth infusion of Remicade yesterday. The first time I've gone the 8 weeks, with the introduction period being over with. The only issue I've had the last few weeks, is increased abdominal pain. My GI doctor wants me to wait another day or 2 to let the Remicade work and see if the pain goes away. If the pain does go away, I'll just have to up my infusions to every 6 weeks. Otherwise, everything has been going well....the only time I have any D is if I've re-introduced a food that my belly doesn't agree with. I'm still pretty tired and fatigued at times, but I've accepted that as being part of Crohn's that can't be 100% fixed.