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Biopsies for colonoscopy?

my little penguin

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Our past Gi always does biopsies
Even on his first scope at dx which looked perfect btw
But biopsies showed chronic inflammatory changes and granulomas
Yes. Always. When my son was coming out of a flare his fcp was great, other labs great, no symptoms. Scope looked “perfect”. Biopsies told different story. Even now when he gets a “clean” scope dr says to remain skeptical until biopsy results.

Hope it goes well.
His Crohn's has been in terminal ileum and probably jejunum by MRE. The doctor said his intestine looked great and he biopsied the colon as a screen for dysplasia. He didn't biopsy the terminal ileum.


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My kiddo has always had biopsies done, even when her scopes looked great. She actually did have a couple scopes where the intestine appeared visually healthy but biopsies showed inflammation. We were told by her adult GI that they don't do quite as many biopsies as her pediatric GI did, but they always do them.
If his terminal ileum has been the problem area in the past, I'm surprised they would not biopsy there...the terminal ileum is my daughter's problem area too, although she has had active inflammation all through her colon too, and so her GI has always taken more biopsies there.