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I had a colonoscopy yesterday. It's been a while since my last, but it seemed that they took a lot of biopsies. I got a report afterwards which shows that they took 22. I have no idea if that's more than usual or not.

Anyone know what the usual is?
think the most i've ever had was about 12?

maybe its a new procedure where they remove your bowel 15mg at a time? ;)
They may be taking them from little areas that look inflammed or flaring. If you have CD at a lot of different spots throughout they usually take more. Butt I never heard of 22. Let us know how it turns out for ya:)
No polyps this time. There were 4 sites that he took biopsies from. Six from three of them and four from one. He was just being thorough I expect.
i seem to remember my doctor saying they took 16 from me i didn't no if that was alot or not so i didn't think twice about it.