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Biopsy deciphering please?

3701I am particularly wanting to know what the cryptic abscess forming and reactive changes means. I just had a small bowel study today, no results on that yet.

I have a very long history of GI issues, starting at 2-3 years old. About 2 months ago I was diagnosed with diverticulitis (in my cecum with diverticulosis on the left side of my colon). About 15-20 years ago I had a lot of issues and Crohn’s was suspected. I had inflammatory polyps, but biopsy was negative for Crohn’s. When I saw my new GI and his PA, they both said they suspected Crohn’s before my colonoscopy and EGD. When my colonoscopy was done last week, the doctor and nurses said I have Crohn’s (before biopsy results came in). They also said my whole GI system is in spasms rather than normal movement and I was started on Doxepin to help with that.
I don’t go back to the GI for a little over a month, so I’m kinda anxious to get some understanding of what my results mean now.


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“Reactive changes” means that there’s visual evidence that your gut has suffered some recent damage and is in the process of repairing itself. Crypt abscesses sound more alarming than they are (if my understanding is correct!) – there are neutrophils in the crypts (glands) of your large intestine, which signals inflammation. This is a common finding in, but isn’t necessarily exclusive to, UC, which is why the biopsy report suggests clinical correlation is necessary.

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When my colonoscopy was done last week, the doctor and nurses said I have Crohn’s (before biopsy results came in).
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the biopsy taken in your transverse colon matches the view your GI got in your colon. The pathologist suspect an IBD and asks to match with clinical findings, which means, with colonoscopy view of GI and your personal symptoms. Sounds like you have CD. its unfortunate, but you will finally be able to get treatment and hopefullty feel better:) It often takes a few weeks before GI receive Biospy result and its maybe why your appointment is set to be in a month. Since the results are available already maybe you could get the appointment earlier, it worth trying to get it faster. Let us know how it goes.
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