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Biopsy explanation

Hi there. I recently had a colonoscopy with about 10 biopsies take of the various areas of the bowel. I got preliminary results today, apparently the first stage in testing the samples involves dying of the samples or something? Anywho, all came back normal apart from the rectal samples. Which is good í guess! The camera didn't show inflammation anywhere other than there too.
Just wondering if this means I'm unlikely to have crohn's? Hoping this rules out the worst. Not sure what else they do with biopsies! Thankyou.
I had a blood and stool test about 3 months ago. The blood test came back normal and I had a faecal calprotectin level of about 850, hence being referred for a colonoscopy. That's all the tests I've had.
San Diego
It might be early ulcerative colitis. UC starts at the rectum and works its way upstream in a continuous fashion as the disease progresses.
Thanks for the input :) this is just what the GP told me over the phone, I have to wait to see the consultant at the hospital to see if anything further is required. Given how bad I've felt it feels like more than proctitis to me, but time will tell I suppose.