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Biopsy's back normal what now?

biopsy's back normal what now?

her colons copy showed lesions and a big red patch doctor phoned today the biopsy's normal, i asked what now and what about the colons copy he said wait till you see us in clinic , what else could be this be then?


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Hey Tracy,

I guess one of the hardest things with crohns is the difficulty a lot people have in getting a diagnosis. Unfotunately your little girl is far from the only one to have results return as normal. I know that is little comfort to you now but I want you to know that a normal test result isn't the final answer. For some of us this is a hard and long road, I have been there myself, so you need to go with your instincts and what you know about your child and don't take no for an answer. Just remember, above all else you know your child better than anyone.

Is she still having symptoms??

Dusty. :hug::hug::hug:


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Tracy, when is your next appt? You know when somethings wrong with a 3 yr old!! Don't quit until they find something that works for her!!
thank you for replying, yes chloe still having symptoms, but no blood at the moment that comes in every few months. we go to see him on oct 18th i am wondering what they will say to why her colonscopy had lesions, and the red patch, what excuse they give.

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Hi there, that sounds like an Oxymoron sorta dont it??? Well the only explanation is he may NOT have biopsied in an exact place to determine results to come back inflammed. You don't have to bleed in order to have this disease, I dont. My sister bleeds and no pain so even in families it differs. The disease is very unpredictable and plays hide and seek..damn critters. I have ulcers and inflammation too, and took a few colonoscopies to find it, and yes many times my blood work came back normal... Sorry I dont have answers you want to hear but hopefully your daughter is seeing a top notch Gi, internists are not equal to GI's. You may have to get a second opinion. Where she is inflammed is hard to reach too. Keep us informed ok? Hugs to you too, scary when your child is ill...
thank you pen her ESR bloods came back very raised at 48 in stead of 1 to 8 but they say they dont count:( we are seeing a childrens gi at one of the top childrens hospital so will just have to see what he says, i just think if she needs meds or should we be stopping some of the foods it needs to be done now with out further risk. i will keep you all informed but all been a great help!!!