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Biosimilar Renflexis

Insurance has forced me to switch to the biosimilar Renflexis (sp). I was established on Remicade for about 10 years after trying first trying Azathioprine, with prednisone, then Imuran all with in about a year. Really just want to compare experiences with others who were established on Remicade with high efficacy and forced to switch to renflexis.
I seem to be experiencing more frequent, sometimes urgent, movements. I also feel as though my energy reserves are lower more often that what I experienced on Remicade.
This isn't like using an over the counter medication and choosing a different brand.
My insurance dictated what they woukd pay for and decided to refuse payment for the other. I had great success on Remicade and didn't suffer side effects. With Renflexis, I had a 24 hour headacheand nausea after my first infusion. I now get sudden urges and most disappointing is not having energy.
I apologize if this sounds angry but Ijoined this forum for support,
to hopefully find others who have been forced to change medication against doctors wished. I want to compare with others who have had similar experiences or get encouragement fron those who have been through this already. Not placated with "take whatever works best". I've been refused whst works best.
I would try to take whatever works best. I wish you success.

Lynda Lynda


My sister had to go through something similar to what you are going through, except that she has Rheumatoid Arthritis. Her insurance company made her go off the medicine that was working for her. Then she had to start from the bottom up again, meaning using medication that was much more mild and then she had to work her way back up to the top again. She had to prove to her insurance company that none of the cheaper medications would work for her before they would pay for the more expensive medication she really needed to help her manage her symptoms and feel better. So she had to experience pain while doing this, not a good thing when she was having problems moving her fingers.

It would piss me off too if my insurance company was putting my health and recovery in jeopardy.
It's been up and down. Currently curled up with cramps/spasms. My dr. ran some lab work but so far it's all come back normal. They'll probably add a second rx to calm things down, but I haven't heard back on that. Hopefully my pcp can be of more help next week. Just feek like my body is in a state of rebellion.