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I had a colonscopy and biopsy last month, and don't follow up with the surgeon that did it until the end of this month.
unless he did separate biopsies the report one small tissue sample and the only thing the report says is
No pathologic diagnosis... I can't see anything else.
does this mean everything was normal?? I'm so confused.

Back story is I have a five yr history of "mild" bouts of diveriticulitis lifelong history of "IBS" ... this was my 4 th colonoscopy and I had one sigmondoscopy.
They are trying to figure out if its Crohns mimicing Diveriticulitis... this is the first time they have seen inflammation in the colon
Should he have not taken more samples?


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Yes, the report more or less means that the tissue looked normal - no disease seen. In my colonoscopies the doc normally takes several biopsies along the way, so taking only one does seem rather limited.
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