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Bipolar IBD

Hi all, 130 in the morning here and I cannot sleep, completely and utterly drained and really have no idea who or where else to turn to.

I'm currently undiagnosed, but thankfully (I'm not sure I should be thankful) I have my first colonoscopy in 2 weeks.

My GI told me that my symptoms are odd (I suffer constipation no diarrhoea at all) and that it could be that my anti depressants are exacerbating my symptoms ie severe bloating (ive gone from a uk 8 to a uk 14 in 5months JUST around my tummy), pain in joints, rectal bleeding, pus and mucus discharge and constipation.

What I'm trying to say is it's taken me 8yrs to find a mental health combination that works, I've been (for the first time in 10yrs) working full time, at a job I love, and out of nowhere I get blind sided by this.. (I appreciate there are probably worse things and that others may be going through a lot more) No one in my family has it on either side and I know no one with this condition and I'm scared.

I'm terrified. Does anyone have experience of a pre existing mental health condition and how they have managed?
Does anyone have experience of mental health drugs that DONT slow down digestion/cause weight gain..

I've worked so hard to get better, and right now I feel hopeless and tearful, if anyone has their own experience I'd love to hear.

Or even advice on what I need to be discussing with my GI and Psych?
What questions I should ask?

Thank you

my little penguin

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Big hugs
No mental issues for ds but he has severe constipation as part of his crohns not diarrhea .
He takes miralax daily which helps a lot ( movicol in the uk I think )
I don't think ssri slow the digestive track
But if you have mental health med combos that are working
Then you could ask about something like miralax which can be titrate D to move things along - or milk of magnesia etc....
Once you know what the colonscopy says then you can decide with your Gi which meds at add to get things moving
If it's crohns you may still need something to go but sometimes crohns meds fix things as well

Good luck
Let us know what happens


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Hi Cenedra
Sorry to hear of the tough time you are experiencing right now and hope you will soon feel better on getting a clearer diagnosis and treatment for the inflammatory bowel condition you appear to have right now.
There will need to be a few tests before a diagnosis is clarified...the colonoscopy is a gold
standard for diagnosis of crohns and ulcerative colitis as well as other inflammations.
It is one of the most difficult diagnosis I ever had to face...and it takes a bit of doing
I do not have bipolar so cannot make a direct comparison with you but I thought I would answer your post and offer a helping hand.
There is lots of information on this website and if you enter a question in the box at the top of the page it will lead you to further information
There are also many helpful people,fellow sufferers on the website who I am sure will soon be along to help you.
Responses may be delayed due to different time zones, I am in Ontario Canada so have not yet retired for the night.
You,being in England there is a five hour time difference...so you should really be in bed sleeping.
Don't suffer alone.i know you are reaching out right now but use the psychiatrist to help you through all this.
The GI people are also usually helpful.
Feel better soon
Hugs and best wishes