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I was diagnosed with bipolar type II disorder 2 years ago. I have been on countless medications but the one I have been taking for over a year now (Lamotrigine) has been working well for me. After taking a genome test and sending my results through a DNA parser, I discovered that I am very pre-disposed to having Crohn's disease.

I had been doing the Keto diet for the past 9 months because I heard that it was good for people with bipolar. I had no idea that I might've had crohn's so I held to it religiously. My symptoms definitely improved; however, they didn't completely clear up.

I've decided to start a diet that might be better suited for people with Crohn's. I am going to keep a food journal and track my symptoms over time.

While I haven't been officially diagnosed, I know that my dad had a lot of polyps he needed removed. I am lactose intolerant and I used to have bowel movements about 5 times a day (including diarrhea). I am hoping for the best!
I think if I were in your situation I'd just try and eat a healthy diet (cutting out the booze, not too much sugar, plenty of healthy fruit and veg etc), rather than starting some horribly restrictive diet for Crohns - plenty of time for that if you actually do end up with IBD of any kind. Especially if you aren't experiencing any gut problems at the moment, no point making your life any harder than it needs to be. Everyone gets diarrhoea sometimes, so I wouldn't assume that because you suffered with it a while ago it's inevitable you'll end up with Crohns, and lots of people get polyps like your dad did without having serious bowel disease. I don't think I would have any genetic testing or it would make me a nervous wreck!