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Bit concerned about this

A lady who has Crohns told me today to be very careful with my sons 6mp, when handling etc, I had no idea about this! Did I not read it in the leaflet, the drs didn't say anything.....what is this stuff I am giving to my son?

Best be doing some more reading....but seriously, it must be a potent drug to have to wear gloves etc when handling, why is this???


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I posted this on your other thread:

Yes it used for chemotherapy as it is for a wide variety of other diseases.

If you use film coated tablets that are intact then there is no risk.

The risks of handling apply to uncoated tablets, cutting or crushing tablets and liquids.
The same could be said of this and many other drugs. The prescription creams that you may apply to your children, if you don't wear gloves you also absorb them through the skin. If any of you have someone you care for that wears heart or pain patches, if you touch the medication on the patch you absorb it through the skin. If you have a child with nebulised medication, stand close to them when it is misting and you also inhale the medication...

Dusty. xxx


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Ahh yes, this why you don't put nitro pills (heart meds) in your hands if you are giving it to someone with a heart condition (my colleague has these)

First I've heard of this. Does it matter if I am the one taking the pills and spliting the scored pill myself?


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Thanks for your replies, it kinda of brought it home to me again how serious this whole thing is x
I can well imagine how hearing this made you feel farmerswifey. :hug: I find Crohn's and all that goes along with it difficult enough to deal and I am a nurse but I shudder to think what it must be like when you don't have a medical background. :( My heart goes out to you Mum. :heart:

Dusty. xxx